Shopping on a Budget!

By Sy, March 6, 2018

I can not say this enough, if you are not shopping Fifty Linden Fridays (and the Saturday Sale but I don’t have anything in this picture for that one) then you are really missing out on some great deals and super cheap outfits.  Yes I know not everyone has a ton of linden to spend in SL, but there are ways to really deck out avatar without breaking the bank.  Marketplace surfing, FLF and Saturday Sale (cuz omg all the really great designers), as well as a ton of other events, group gifts, and freebies.  So I might be a bit of an avi snob, like of course I’ll still be friends with you and love you to death even if you are rocking a look from 13 years ago, but I’m probably gonna tease you about it until you finally huff at me and give in to letting me do a make over!  Especially so, if your excuse for never doing anything to your avatar is “Well I just don’t have the linden.”  I’m here to say you better come up with a better excuse, cuz that don’t fly!  It is possible to have a kick ass avatar on a very small budget.  It might just take some time and work O.O or just finding some good blogs that tell you all about it!

******  What’s on me  ******

Catwa // Lona 
Cureless // Morphine // For Catwa Catya
Maitreya // Lara
POUT! // Horror Eye collection // Catwa Eye Applier
[elikatira] // Elina // Essentials
Pixicat– Liza.Skirt – Plaid (50L at the last FLF)
Ison // Bailey Cowl Wrap Top // Black
REIGN. // Madeline Heels (50L at the last FLF)

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