Clap along…

By Sy, August 5, 2019

I was going through old pictures today and found this one was still in draft
form. I have no idea what all I was wearing except my shoes seem to be
from Reign and I’m pretty sure the pallet bed I’m on is from Apple Fall.
If I recall correctly, I took this picture during a pretty rough
time of my life. The shirt might say happy, but I really wasn’t feeling all that
happy. You know though, sometimes you just really do have to put on a
brave face and remind yourself of who you are and what you want and
what you just won’t tolerate. It is ok to pursue your own happiness. My life
is often made happier by doing for the people I love and serving them and
promoting what they want out of life, but its ok to stop and go after my own
too. I am just as deserving. I found a youtube video that I really like and
has helped me, I think even more than I realized. There is really something
about affirmation statements. The sooner you believe in the statement you
are making, the sooner it will be your reality. So here are mine today…

I am happy.
I am loving.
I am loved.
I am all that I need to be.
I am enough.
I am smart.
I am funny.
I am a good person.
I am generous.
I am forgiving.
I am forgiven.
I am blessed.
I am a blessing to others.

You might read this and think that I’m tooting my own horn, but you would
be wrong. The sooner you believe in the “I am” statement, the sooner it
becomes your reality. This is the person I want to be, so I have to start living
like I already am.

What do you think?

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