By Sy, February 16, 2018

Was feeling in a particularly decorative mood and decided to clutter up my house for Valentine’s Day XD  Some of the things you can’t see in the picture so you don’t really have an idea of just how crazy I went, which is probably a good thing!  I found several things from Follow US for that were super cheap and I mean 1L kinda super cheap.  I’ve gotten Christmas decor there before (ooo that rhymed!) and I know their stuff is really nice for being so inexpensive.
Now….. can’t decide if I wanna just leave it up or take it down…. decisions, decisions…

*******  What’s on me  *******

Truth – Astra Valentines Gift @ Shop Your Heart Out event
E-Clipse Design – Valentine’s Sweater @ at ED’s mainstore and there is also a male version!!
Blueberry – Sammy Jeans – Faded Dark
Blueberry – Sammy Boots (a little pricey but OMG so worth it!!)

*******  What’s around me  *******

Follow US – Valentine gift – I love You (only 1L!!!)
Follow US – Love tower (large) blue/silver (It lights up too!!)
:DH: Side Table – Victorian gift @ Shop Your Heart Out event
Blue Sky – Venus Chair – Black Latex (pretty decent animations for being so inexpensive)
Tarte – Elephant Marquee
Consignment – Oversized Cuddle Pillow – Forest A
Trompe Loeil – Nysa Conservatory (I added the wood “blinds” or rather just a texture on a prim, so no that doesn’t come with the building :D)

What do you think?

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