By Sy, June 25, 2019

Sometimes you lose track of the things that matter to you the most even
though you aren’t doing anything different, just getting caught up in the 
comings and goings of life.  I love photography.  No, not just the SL version
but the RL kind, too. I once had a really nice camera and chased my kid around constantly taking pictures of all the things we loved doing.  I 
recently made a slide show out of all her pictures for her graduation and 
then we went on a family vacation.  It made me want to take a ton more 
pictures for the slide show I’ll make in another 10 or 15 years. 
What has that got to do with SL or SL fashion? Not much except that I 
really do love taking photos and I don’t want to lose the things I love in 
either life. So I’m shaking off some cobwebs and getting back to some of 
the things I really enjoy doing most!

*** My unicorn friend is a large display version of the unicorns that Daddy
and I are making for our new store called Animates!  The store has officially
opened!!  Would love for you to come check us out and pick up your new
little buddy! ***

.{PSYCHO: Byts}.  ALIENated Crop Top – New Mainstore Gift <3
::OOPS:: Love Crown – – Pink Pastel – Hunt Item from Midsummer Enchantment Event that runs til 6/30
=Kio= Punk Shorts – Stripes 
Magika – Bella
[Fetch] Angular Glasses
J’s Studded Long boots (Black) 
amias – NALA arms
{C&C} Fortuna Rings from Midsummer Enchantment Event that runs til 6/30

What do you think?

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