Combat boots and pretty flowers

By Sy, May 24, 2018

Sometimes in SL, I do actually like to dress a bit girly.  Its rare, but it happens, but for the most part, what I’m wearing is in direct reflection of how I’m feeling or how I want to feel.  More often than not, my look leans towards looking a bit… um… tomboyish?  That’s just because that is who I am RL too.  Sometimes though, I want something more than that.  Like you see some girl and everything about her screams that she is a badass.  A boss, in charge of her life and her surroundings who doesn’t take shit from anyone.  I’m not really sure I achieved badassery in this post, but its definitely a mindset I’ve been needing lately.  I’ve been having such a grand pity party and I’m so ready for it to be over.  So I got this new tattoo from our sponsor, Endless Pain and put it on and immediately grinned.  I slapped on my favorite boots and my new blueberry jeans and felt a lot more like myself again… with maybe just a touch of badass!

You are looking at this outfit and then looking at my surroundings with all the happy little flowers and thinking “What…. ?” Well… I guess if I need to sum up my whole post in one point… remember to enjoy the simple pleasures in life. A day out in nature, an outfit that makes you feel like you can take on the world, getting hair done and feeling just plain hot!  We should never take those things for granted.

******   What’s on me  ******

TRUTH // Farryn // Multitone

Endless Pain Tattoos– // Lucinda

Vinyl // Quinn Tank & Torso Belt Pak // White

Blueberry // Rie – Torn Jeans // Vox

J’s // Studded Long boots // Black

******  What’s around me  ******

{Roawenwood} Tangleshimmer Treasures – Sittin Stumps
(Includes the flowers around the tree stumps as well.  Lots of great sits for pictures or just for hanging out and relaxing)

Hayabusa Design // Elegant Tree
(previous group gift… if you aren’t in this group or as a subscriber you are missing out.  You get free trees and plants quite often.)

HEART – Grass Patch




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