Coming Up Roses

By Cayleigh, April 18, 2018

When I was 17 I was in my first car accident. I was looking for a street sign, wasn’t paying attention to the car in front of me, failed to stop and rear ended the car. No, I’m not telling you this because I got into another car accident, but it reminded me of a couple of lessons I learned that day. First one, accidents happen. The guy chewed my ass. No one was seriously hurt (though he tried saying his mom was, come to find out later they were trying to get extra money from my insurance). A few years later, I was rear ended by a truck, and I just remember asking if he had insurance and he did and I was like, then everything is fine. I’m not hurt, and your daughter isn’t hurt. They’re just cars. The second lesson I learned from my accident was that you really truly never know what people are going through. I was walking around the drug store after the first accident and I just kept thinking, “People don’t realize I was just in a car accident.” It made for a deeper understanding as to we really truly don’t know what people are going through. Valuable lesson to learn at 17 years old. I think it’s given me more compassion towards people. But also in the same token, as in this picture, we hide a lot from the world…and put on our plastic smiles. Because we’re always supposed to be ok.

<3, Cay

Body: Maitreya Lara
Head: Catwa – Uma
Skin: DeeTaleZ – Heidi, European
Ears: Bentbox – Sylvan Ears
Hair: Truth – Polly, Blonde
Dress: Dead Dollz – Floral Delight, #1 (currently at Bloom)
Shoes: Empire – Speedwell
Tattoo: Carol G. – Pretty Roses, Black

Location: Storybrooke Gardens

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