Creepy Little Bats

By Sy, April 14, 2018

It’s a bit late to be posting a Friday the 13th post, but it got late and I got tired, so yeah lol… Anyway, Cay, our brother, Jerod and I got together last night to do a Youtube post to show off some of the newness for our sponsors, The Little Bat and Endless Pain Tattoos.  One of the items was this set of cute little cat ears, that for some reason I immediately decided were bat ears.  As Cay so often says, “I do what I want!”, so we did what we wanted to with them and transformed ourselves into little bats with some old bat wings I had buried in my inventory.  Jerod showed up as a giant, creepy clown so it just felt right!  We did, however, have to warn our sister Ash to only listen to this episode as she is terrified of clowns!

So, in my last post I was just way to tired to come up with anything to talk about so I’m gonna talk here.  I was thinking, while trying my hardest to go to sleep last night after getting to spend some time with my peoples.  I thought just how amazing it is that after all this time, after all the years and all the ups and downs, the people coming and going so quickly in my life, to have finally really found my people.  We started out just as voices and pixels and now we are really family.  It is a bit overwhelming, in a good way, to realize that these people that, though some have never even met you in real life, would be there for you no matter what.  I have a good family in real life.  My parents, though a bit intrusive, are great parents.  I just have never felt such a strong bond with friends as I have with these people.

I guess the thing I started thinking about after that was how it didn’t just happen over night.  Sometimes we meet people that we instantly connect with.  Its like we’ve been best friends all our lives, but I can say at least in my SL experience, there are very few of those “instant besties” that I’ve ever stayed friends with for very long.  Me, Cayleigh, Jerod, Xari, Ashlyn…. we’ve been through a lot.  We’ve been through things that should have broken us apart.  There have been times where we haven’t even liked each other, but we all just keep coming back together.  We seem to just accept each other as we are and love each other anyway.  Love isn’t always easy either.  Love is hard.  Love is sometimes being so pissed off at someone you just wanna smack them and you can’t even stand to be in the same room with them, but at the end of the day can’t imagine your life without them.  I don’t always like this about myself, but I’m kind of the loner of our little group.  They might not always like that about me either, but the amazing thing is… they don’t just get rid of me.  We are still finding our path together and there may still be many wonderful times together and maybe many awful times together, but I know in the end we will be ok.

So, why am I telling you all of this?  The good things in life are never easy.  Don’t take the people who accept you for who and what you are for granted.  Never stop telling the people you love that you love them, either in word or in deed.  Stop looking at the bad things in life and focus on the good.  If you have a disagreement with someone don’t let it change your feelings for them.  Emotions like anger, sadness or hurt are fleeting, like storm clouds and lightning.  Once the storm is over you don’t want to see that you destroyed your home like a tornado.  Get mad if you gotta, but once its over just let it be over.  I’m getting all rambly so I’m going to stop now.  I’m still tired and the pain meds are kicking in LOL!

******  What’s on Cay  ******

Eyes: Avi-Glam – Lucent Eyes, Ocean
Eyeliner: Booty’s BeautyFlashy, Catwa eyeliner
Lip Gloss: Izzie’sShimmer Lipstick
Septum Ring: Cae  – Septum, Basic 4
Ears: The Little Bat  – Kitty Ears, Pierced/Blue for the Rotten Egg Hunt til 4/28
Hair: MagikaFight Sleep
Dress and Bottoms: The Little Bat – Erin is a 25L Item for the Darkness Inside Hunt
Shoes: Essenz – Pennsylvania, Black
Tattoo: Carol G. – Najila, Color
Nails: Koffin NailsMake a Wish

******  What’s on me  ******

!EE // Fit Mesh Dress // v11
The Little Bat  // Kitty Ears-Bows // Grey for the Rotten Egg Hunt til 4/28
The Little Bat // Riley Eye @ The Underdog Event til 5/16
The Little Bat // Morgan Lips for the Darkness Inside Hunt til 4/25
The Little Bat // Roxie Anklets // Darks @ Anybody til 4/30
Endless Pain Tattoos  // Akuma @ BodyFy til 4/24
:::Phoenix::: // Carrie Hair
Kibitz // Nevaeh Rings // Black

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