Gacha fever anyone?

By Sy, March 5, 2018

 Ok so everyone by now probably knows what gachas are and have probably spent a small fortune trying for all the rares.  I have a couple of friends, who shall remain nameless, that are gachaholics and live for when events like the Arcade open.  I love gachas as much as the next crazed fan, however I just have never had any luck at getting what I want from the machines themselves.  My brother always seems to get the exact item he wants on the first try, but me? no way, I’ll get the same common item no matter how many times I play.  So how do I combat the can’t-get-my-gacha-on blues?  Marketplace!  Now yes, you will find a lot of gacha resellers price their wares well over the 50L it would have taken you to go and buy the item yourself, but when you factor in how many pulls of the lever it would have taken you to actually get what you wanted and just the sheer frustration of attempting tp after tp to get to a sim that is so full that you immediately crash because of the extreme lag because everyone and their brother has GOT to wear every last hud, critter, and script they own …. well, the price they are asking starts to seem very reasonable.  Also if you keep a watchful eye out for items you like, sometimes you can find them for very low prices, well under what you would have paid at the fair.  This is especially true for older items.  Yes, ok I get it, everyone wants the latest and greatest now, but I promise you that the item you think is so awesome now, will still be awesome in a few months when its been marked down just to get it out of someone’s inventory.  So if you are on a very small budget but wanna look super cool… don’t be afraid of searching Marketplace or even SL yard sales.  The deals are really worth it.
*My top and shoes are both gacha items I found on Marketplace and I scored them both for under 100L*

******  What’s on me  ******

Catwa // Lona 
Cureless // Morphine // For Catwa Catya
Maitreya // Lara
POUT! // Horror Eye collection // Catwa Eye Applier
Wasabi Pills // January Mesh Hair // Basics
Amitomo // City at Night // Gacha 1
Amitomo // City at Night // Gacha 10
::Static:: // Barbed Wire Necklace // Freebie from a previous hunt
.:E.A.Studio:. // Moray Glove
Goth1c0: Skulls Septum




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