By Sy, March 2, 2019

Green represents growth, hope, and promise.
It is associated with tranquility, better health, and healing;
Luck, abundance, and success;
Beauty, youth, and love;
Happiness, harmony, and renewal.
Colors can affect us in so many ways. I can remember being told once
that if I wanted to feel confident at a job interview, I should wear red.
Blue makes me feel calm and peaceful. Yellow makes me feel happy and upbeat. Wearing black makes me feel comfortable.
We all surround ourselves with colors for a reason. They make us feel
something. They change the energy in our homes and our moods when we
see or wear them. Color is very important.

It gives the “green light” to a project.

Our lives are an educational journey where we learn more about our universe, our self, our place, our passion, our worth, our desires,
and so much more…

*** What’s on me ***

{Hair} Magika // Thea

{Tattoo} – Endless Pain Tattoos – // Indra

{Necklace} MICHAN // Becca

{Necklace} Cae :: Charmed :: Necklace :: Wisdom

{Top} Blueberry // Alma – Ruffled Top // Dark Black

{Shorts} Blueberry // Milly // Black

*** Where am I ***
Backdrop City

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