Grumpy Face

By Sy, January 12, 2019

Its either sleepy or grumpy… I’m not sure. So I am blogging for Reshape and
I get skins and shapes to try out. Recently they sent a shape that was
designed for the Genus head, which I don’t own. So, of course, I’m going to
try it out on my Catwa Lona head. I look a bit funny, maybe angry, but I feel
in love with the way my mouth looks! Its all pouty faced! I love it! Anyway,
I thought I’d just keep it for a bit, XD! If you have the Genus head, you can
imagine it will look even better! Or if you are like me and like making
tweaks here and there to purchased shapes, I am pretty sure I’d grab this
one just to get that mouth! I also really love the details of their skins, I just
desperately want to try a lighter skin from Reshape. The darker skins are
beautiful, but just not me.

*** What’s on me ***

{Shape} R E S H A P E // Stacy // Genus Shape

{Skin} R E S H A P E // That Amy Girl

{Mesh Head} Catwa // Lona 

{Ears} ^^Swallow^^ // Pixie Ears 0.1 

{Hair} TRUTH  // Joy (Group gift for January)

{Nails} The Little Bat   // Gia Nails

{Ring} .03 [ kunst ] // Elephant ring // silver 

{Sweater} –Tres Blah– // Passport Sweater // Mustard

(Jeans) Vinyl // Fallout Jeans w/Panties

(Shoes) Vinyl // 6th Ave Crochet Chucks // XMAS GIFT

What do you think?

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