I wanna believe good days are coming…

By Sy, May 20, 2018

I’m getting talky again today, so I’m gonna post the goodies first and then you can read on if you like ♥

****** What’s on me ******

Endless Pain Tattoos– // Luna

Vinyl // Annabelle Grunge Dress // GUNMETAL

7 Deadly s[K]ins // Clover // Dew @ DESIGNER SHOWCASE til May 31st.

Magika // 01 // Seven Days

Reign // Ariana Sneakers // Corduroy

Life… constantly changing, always rearranging, nothing ever stays the same and only gets more convoluted and complicated… Life.

Just when  you think, “Yeah, ok!  I got this part figured out and I can do this!”  everything crashes around you again.  I don’t mean to be a “negative nancy”, but sometimes I just can’t stop the word vomit I guess.  Have you ever been to the ocean and sat down in the water or maybe fallen down because of a wave or something and the waves keep coming and you keep trying to stand back up but they keep pushing you  back down.  At first its just a little bit irritating and no big deal, but after a couple of minutes you are ready to scream because you are so frustrated.  Yeah, well that is me right now.  In that particular scenerio, I want to just be enjoying being at the beach and the sun on me, feeling alive with the smells and sounds of the ocean.  Watching the other people running and playing and laughing.  I want that so much, but instead right now I’m stuck unable to stand up against the waves.

I’m kinda tired of it.

Some have told me, “Well if you don’t like it, stop.”  That is of course very good advice and I have every intention of taking it, but its just not always that simple is it?

I said this to someone recently, “I’m so sorry for all of the bad, but I won’t let it make me forget the good things.”  Yeah, picking yourself back up is not easy, but reminding yourself, not only of the good things already in your life, but also of the good things you learned due to a bad situation is important.  Just because something bad happened, doesn’t mean that you didn’t learn valuable lessons.  In all the things I’ve been going through in my RL and SL, I’ve learned a lot about who I am as a person, what I want out of life, and what I’m willing to do to get it.  I’ve learned about things that I can not tolerate.  I’ve learned about things that make me happy.  I’ve learned a lot about the people in my life, who is with me and who isn’t.  I’ve experienced very deep lows that make me appreciate the highs so much more than I ever did before.

So yeah, bad things are going to happen, but I do at least get to choose how I will look at them and in what direction I can let change take me.  It doesn’t have to be bad.

What do you think?

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