By Sy, April 8, 2019

**** What’s on me ****
{Hair} Sintiklia // Kimberly
{Tattoo} Misschevious // Flower Power
{Dress} ISON // Ruffle katie dress

**** Where am I ****
Me and my little unicorn (that my Daddy has so cleverly created) took at
trip to Backdrop City.

So…. I’ve changed up my avatar again a bit. I just feel like I’m needing a new
look, though I’ve still not quite figured out what that is.
This is at least a start in that direction.
The catalyst for this particular change was this tattoo I’m wearing from
Misschievious. I put it on and was like… “Hrm… I don’t like wearing pink
generally… but this… this is nice.” It really is a pretty tattoo and I like the
white bits. If you know me or follow me much, you’ll know that my go to
color is black, but this spring just has me in a different mood. Things are
growing and changing both outside in nature, but IN me as well. No, I’m
not referring to the large amounts of pollen I’m inhaling right now on a daily basis.
I feel like I’ve always been a pretty happy-go-lucky kinda person. I’m
friendly and can get along with just about everyone. I feel like I bring good
things to the table in my relationships. Sometimes though, I’m not so fun to
be around. One of my weaknesses is that I internalize too much and it
breaks down my communication with others, which of course can break
down the relationship itself if left unchecked and untreated. I think that is
probably my biggest weakness. I jump in my head and stay there, beating
myself much like Dobby (wiggles my elfy ears as that description really just
hit home in its accuracy) from Harry Potter.

No more.
Sy has been presented with clothes…
Sy is free!

Maybe that is why shopping is so therapeutic!! XD

I honestly don’t even know if anyone reads this blog, but if someone ever
does, I want it to have said more than just where to buy things I’m wearing.
I want it to be helpful, encouraging, … something meaningful.
I am becoming much more goal-oriented and driven through this journey
called life. This week I restart my juicing reboot (if you want more info
about how to do that, check out anything by Joe Cross.) I started writing
more in my journal. Going back and reading where I was in the past is
definitely a motivator. I don’t like going back and reading where I didn’t
follow up on something I wanted. So the motivation is to make it never
be an issue again. Next year the story will look much different. I write
out “I am/want” statements every morning and read them to myself
throughout the day. These statements are usually affirmations
or motivations that I might need to get me through whatever I might
face during the day. If I believe that one of my biggest weaknesses has to do
with less than effective/productive/happy communication with others
then it stands to reason that I’ve not been so great at communicating
with myself. I think this is a very vital key to happiness. Self-examination
is important, but not self-deprecating communication. I need to look to
improve and grow, not to self-mutilate.
…. its late and I’m starting to ramble so I am gonna stop there and head for bed.

What do you think?

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