Just Dance

By Sy, April 28, 2018

I have some of the most amazing people in my life because of SL.  I’ve never really been great with the social scenes and I usually end up the wallflower in any gathering of people.  When I first started SL, I didn’t even speak to anyone the first week.  I just sort of wandered and saw other people doing stuff but really had no idea how to get involved.  I’ve definitely come out of my shell in the past 5ish years,  but sometimes I still kinda close back in and turn into my little hermit self.  I am so grateful for the folks in my life, because they don’t let me just disappear.  Yesterday, one of my closest friends, Thunder, dragged me out to go dancing and we had the best time, just laughing and cutting up.  We got knocked around by day old noobs, saw people that never fully rezzed (if you notice the girl behind us dancing with the guy in black…. yeah she never had a body the whole time we were there), listened to some interesting music and the whole time I’m thinking… Its little moments like this that make SL worthwhile.  Meeting people that take hold of your heart by encouraging you and accepting you and caring about you even though, for the most part, you’ll never even meet in RL.  SL can be a pretty messed up place.  SL can also be a pretty magical place.  Always treasure the special moments, even if they seem so small because they are the most important.

******  What’s on me  ******

Doe // Bethany // Essentials
*VanillaBae* // Lexi Top // Strip Me – Flowers (This group gift comes with a color change hud AND its something you and your partner can play with during sessy time!  You can give your partner control of it… I think no further description is necessary LOL)
Blueberry // Kimi – Denim Skirts // Vox
Endless Pain Tattoos // Guya

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