The Creepy Twins are now on YouTube!!!

By Sy, March 14, 2018

I am so excited!!!

I have enjoyed creating this site with my bestie, Cay and with the expertise of my Lee.  We’ve had such fun shopping, taking pics, editing pics, learning how to make the website work, and dragging along all our friends and family to start our audience 😀  We’ve said for a long time that we need to do a vlog, because occasionally we are kinda funny and it’d be cool to share some of our crazy antics with the world!

I have been searching around trying to find the best way for us to do that and finally came across this program called iSpring Free Cam.  After I stopped laughing about the name, I decided it sounded interesting enough to download and try out.  It doesn’t do quite all that I need it to, but its so user friendly and so simple that even I could figure it out very quickly.  Lee had to come along and help me figure out how to get them to actually upload to YouTube or other places.  I’m so blessed to have someone so tech savvy be willing to patiently walk me through all of this stuff.  I want to learn it, but I admit I’m a bit of a slow learner.  I will eventually understand… I hope LOL

So now you can find us here, of course, on Flickr, Facebook, and on YouTube!  You never know what all we will add next!!

*****  What’s on Cay  *****

Catwa // Uma
Maitreya // Lara
DeeTaleZ // Heidi // European (currently at Skin Fair)
Mandala // Steking Season 5
Truth // Halona // Blonde
Blueberry // Bette // Dress Shirt // Sky
Blueberry // Penny Skirt // Ripped
Empire // Bellis heels
Wild Roots // Flower Galore tattoo // Light (currently at Skin Fair)
Cae – Septum // Basic 1
Kibitz // Tropicana Rings // Onyx

*****  What’s on Sy  *****

Catwa // Lona 
Cureless // Morphine // For Catwa Catya
Maitreya // Lara
POUT! // Horror Eye collection // Catwa Eye Applier
BentBox // Sylvan Ears
Blueberry – Bette – Dress Shirt – {Extra 9}
Tableau Vivant \\ III Hair – Lil – Reds (MP Gacha find for 64L)
Empire // Bellis heels
Cae // Best Friends Necklace 
Goth1c0 // Skulls Septum

What do you think?

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