Here is something new…

By Sy, September 5, 2017

Sooooo… here is something new again!

Recently my bestie and I started a new endeavor!  Blogging!  We started on my old site that I’d created through Weebly, but my wonderful fella, Lee, who by the way is a computer guru, decided he could help us do something even better…. so here we are!

I imagine over time you will see a lot of changes here as we get our feet wet, jump in and find our stride in the blogging world, but through it all we really do hope you find us at most, insightful and inspiration and if not that… hope fully we will at least bring some humor to your life 😀

So lets get started once again….

Where we are….
Cay is posing at one of her favorite locations, Storybrooke Gardens & A Winter’s Tale

What we are wearing…..

Cay (The chick that is all pink and sparkly)
Body:   Maitreya Lara
Head:   Catwa Catya
Hair:     Truth Hair Char (V.I.P. Group Gift February)
Dress:   Blueberry Cocodoll Set Pink (#1 Rare) and matching Panties (#22 Common)
Shoes:   Blueberry Cocodoll Set Pink Tall (#5 Rare)
Tattoo:   White Widow Loving – Pink
Eyebrow Ring:    Xia Boutique Barbell Eyebrow Piercing
Lip Ring:     Punch – Spider Bites II
Necklace:   EarthStones Perfect Fit Necklace – Silver
Bangles:      EarthStones Diamond Bangles – Platinum

Sy (It’s Me!! The chick thats all dark and scary lookin’)
Body:   Maitreya Lara
Head:   Catwa Catya
Hair:     Stealthic – Vivacity (B&W)
Dress:   Blueberry Cocodoll Set Black (#1 Rare) and matching Panties (#19 Common)
Shoes:   Empire – Jonquil
Tattoo:   Cureless [+] Carved Cherry Blooms (v.1)
Necklace:   [CX] Luceat Arachne Collar – Black (common)
Arm Bands:   **RE** Cora Harness

What do you think?

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