LOTD 12? yeah.. idk…

By Sy, March 1, 2018

I’m so bad with keeping track of what number I’m on for some of these pics.  I suppose it doesn’t really matter in the grand scheme of things, but it does make me wish I was less scatterbrained 😀  Anywho… I’ve been going through my inventory with a fine toothed comb and looking for stuff I’ve not worn yet, cuz frankly my spending has gotten out of control!  My budget changed quite drastically after my accident due to tons of extra bills from every single person in the world that even took a breath near me *rolls my eyes*, so I’ve been trying to still have fun with my SL fashion addiction but keep my eye out for nice freebies, group gifts, and things (like I said) that are still stashed away in my inventory that I’ve forgotten about!  So all that being said… yes I did go to Uber and buy these really awesome pants by Vinyl… but really, do you blame me?  But hey!  The hair is free from Truth, so seeeeee I did save some money…. I mean sorta…

******  What’s on me  ******

Catwa // Lona 
Cureless // Morphine // For Catwa Catya but I love it on Lona too!
Letis Tattoo // Essence
POUT! // Horror Eye collection // Catwa Eye Applier
Truth // Carla // February Group Gift
The Little Bat // Trixie Top w/ HUD
Vinyl // Winehouse Tartan Skinnys // Red @ Uber until 3/23
Reign // Mini Slips // Corduroy Pack

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