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By Sy, April 26, 2018

So I was talking to someone the other day about our blog, because yes… I self promote lol, and she asked me if I am the kind of blogger that does a real review. There is of course a straight up answer there, but it did provoke thoughts. I follow a lot of blogs that I really love. Their style is not always similar to mine, but they either have something interesting to say that I enjoy reading about or I just like finding new stores/designers, like seeing what other people do with, or just enjoy their creativity. However, I don’t always know if all of them post things with a review that I can trust or if they are just seeking to promote a sponsor in what ever means necessary. I mean I would assume, everyone would give an honest review, sponsor or not, but I mean, how would I know?
So, what kind of blogger am I? Will I give an honest review even if a sponsor is giving me things to promote their brand. Do I say its bad if it is truly bad? Or do I protect the brand and say its wonderful just so they get more sales?
Forgive me Mae, but I’m going to use your brand to answer this question. Mae Jewel is the owner/designer for our sponsor Endless Pain Tattoos. I’ve loved her store for MANY years now, but I’ve not drooled over ever single tattoo she’s ever made. I can say honestly though, it wasn’t about her level of detail or any technical issue such as a hud not working or a tattoo not looking as it should. There are some I just down right don’t like, but its about my personal style and not her ability to properly make a tattoo.
The tattoo I chose for this picture is not one I’d purchase for myself. I don’t really care for this type of tattoo at all. Its got good lines and all the bits line up, but it just simply is not me. I blog it because it promotes Mae’s brand AND other people might like what I’ve done with it, it might be their style and they might go buy it.
The good thing about Endless Pain is that she makes so many different styles and designs. She has such a variety that I know if I go in there to purchase something for my personal use… I know I’ll find something and I’ll love it. I also know that if other people go to her store, they are going to be equally successful at finding something that will suit them and mean something to them. Because isn’t that what tattoos are for? For example, I absolutely love finding tattoos with wolves, elephants, or dragons… why? because they have a personal, deep meaning for me. You’ll find that in her store.
So yeah… I’m going to be honest. If I’ve blogged something you can know that even though it might not always fit my personal taste, you can be sure that it fits correctly and works correctly and that what you see is what you will get if you purchase it.

****** So what did I wear today?  ******

Catwa // Lona Head
Seven Deadly Skins // Rosabel // Snow @ ebento event til 4/30
AviGlam // Twinkle Eyes (group gift and comes in 3 colors… both mesh and appliers)
Endless Pain Tattoos  // Kane
Addams // Hara VNeck Top // N*41
(in keeping with what I just talked about… if you read the reviews on MP you’ll noticed people having issues.  The only issue I noticed was a small place on one of my elbows and honestly I didn’t even notice it until I was working on my picture.  It’s not hugely noticeable, but I would definitely try the demo first.)
Blueberry // Frappe Denim Shorts // Vox
(Yummy) // Winter Solstice Rings
e.marie // POINTED nails w/shine

What do you think?

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