My new favorite glasses

By Sy, November 13, 2018

I’ve always kind of seen bloggers as the folks that stay in the know about all the latest and greatest in the fashion world.
With SL being full of amazing creators and designers, sometimes its kinda hard to stay on top of all the new
trends even when you try very hard to stay educated!  I seem to run across new stores so often, thinking “Oh
yay! Someone new!” only to find out they’ve been around for years.  That’s what happened today.
I was hanging out with some people and another girl came over to join us.  Her look is super cute!  So, of
course I start looking to see what designers she’s wearing.  I recognized all but one.  Random Matter.

I’m totally in love!  I couldn’t find the jewelry she was wearing, but I did find my new favorite glasses!  They
come with a hud to change the color of the roses and the stars and to show/hide the chain.  (Which now that
I’m looking, I don’t think you can see in my picture… grumbles…. I’ll add a link to see the original ad)
I’m looking forward to spending many, many more lindens in Nikohl Hax’s store!

******  What’s on me  ******

{Hair}  pr!tty // Jeon // [Grayscales] (Marketplace Gacha find)

{Eyes}  LOTUS // Balance Eyes // 02 (Gacha item found on MP for 60L)

{Skin} Glam Affair // Vivi // 002

{Glasses} .random.Matter. // Rose Glasses // Gold

{Sweater} *Tentacio* // Astrid sweater // black

{Candy!!!} CATWA // Lollipop // V1


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