By Sy, October 5, 2017

So Cay and I have been going kinda crazy trying to get into this Salem event that everyone has been so gaga about.  I love shopping… maybe a little to much and who doesn’t want to get into an event on the first day?  However, I’m glad I didn’t the day I slapped on my tp’er thingy and started trying to get in along with all the other billions of people on the planet 😀  Instead, I ended up heading over to another couple of events and found some items that I might not have bought had I been able to go blow my hard earned lindens at Salem!

Anyway, while I was getting in some much needed shopping therapy, I was kinda following an argument in one of the groups I follow.  The folks in the conversation were “discussing” getting in to all these events and how unfair it is when you have to wait hours or maybe days to get in.  One girl was so angry because she felt others were “rubbing” our faces in their success. This of course started my wheels rolling.  I’m not trying to minimize anyone’s feelings or opinions on the subject, but it just seems to me that we’ve (just people in general) become so obsessed on having the newest and latest thing, so obsessed with looking a certain way or having some THING that we’ve stopped focusing on things that really matter.  And this doesn’t just apply to SL.

Now I’m not saying quit shopping, quit upgrading and redefining your look, quit expressing yourself… I’m saying maybe we should just stop and smell the roses?  Yeah, I know that sounds silly, but honestly, do we NEED to have that pixel THING today, or can it wait?  Can we just be excited with other peoples excitement, or do we have to make them feel bad for getting/not getting into an event when we did?   Does it really matter?

So….. I’ve rambled… a lot.  I’ll talk more about this on tomorrow’s post.  Aren’t you excited?

What I’m wearing….

Body: Maitreya Lara
Head: Catwa Catya
Hair:  [monso] My Hair – Sohye /Black & White @ Kustom9 until 10/10
Top:  Pseudo- Jasmine Top Black @ Kustom9 until 10/10
Short: Blueberry – Milly – Maitreya/Belleza/Slink – Black
Shoes:  Astralia – Dark Poison feet rings (Maitreya) @ Shoetopia
Tattoo: The Ivory Rose – Amos (comes in omega only)
Ring:  Kibitz — Nevaeh Rings — Black @ Kustom9 until 10/10
Leg Bow:  Vinyl – Annabelle Gacha Leg Bow Pak Maitreya Black (old gacha item I came across on marketplace)
Choker:  C L A Vv. My Edgy Look – Choker A (gacha item I happened to find on MP)

What do you think?

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