Ready for Halloween

By Sy, October 9, 2019

Several of the items I’m wearing, the house I’m in and many of the decorations are items from the latest round of Trick or Treat Lane which is hosted by Dark Passions. A shopping guide can be found on their website.  Each store has some really great things to offer but also gifts.  The event will last until November 1st. 

*****  What I’m wearing  *****

The Little Bat  – Candy Corn Nails

.EscalateD. Paulina Duo w/o pumpkin – Hair 

BentBox Sylvan Ears


JCKLP // Tabitha Fringe Shorts 
JCKLP // Tabitha Sweatshirt 

Shelly Laufer // Sneaker

***** Stuff around me *****

Misschevious  – Wanna Balloon? – Moonchild (Previous Saturday Sale item)

Dragon Magik Wares – The Clairvoyant’s Cottage

Dragon Magik Wares  – Ritual Table

Neverwish – Elvira’s Coffin Chair

Neverwish – Elvira’s Coffin Table – Black – Opens

Neverwish – Elvira’s Coffin Cabinet – Black – Open/Close

Raindale – Spiritvalley clock (black)

SynCo – Pumpkin Trio – Stars

:Z.S: Trippy Pumpkin

Spyralle Haze Pottery Teapot – Echo Lake 1

{C&C} Illuminated Cauldron – Ball

{C&C} Illuminated Cauldron – Kettle

{C&C} Illuminated Cauldron – Ribbed

{C&C} Illuminated Besom – On Stand

Spyralle Mantis Mask Fire

pm Paper Bats: Noir – Wide Cluster

SynCo – Star Foil Balloon – Halloween Striped

{C&C} Mini Kettle Candle – Iron

Junk Food – Potions Crate (Rez)

SynCo – Spooktacular Jar Light – Bats

Lilith’s Den – Qi-Gong Display

The Half Moon Market – Eye Candy

What do you think?

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