Roses are… pink!

By Sy, April 26, 2018

Ok so, anyone who knows me very well knows, I am not a pink person.  I rarely if ever do girly.  When I do wear something girly and pink my friends ask me if I’m ok!  Everyone once in a while, I do something sexy and girly for a couple of reasons… 1.  My Lee likes it and 2.  I have my girly side too.  I found this little outfit on marketplace.  Its two parts so you can swap it around and wear it differently and since its a rare it also came with a really great hud with all kinds of colors (I can hear Cay in my head… “and yet you still chose black…”).  I avoid gachas like the plague but I love looking for gacha deals online, because lets face it, even if I have to spend a bit to get it, it probably doesn’t come even close to what I would have spent trying to win it.  I have no luck at those things.  So, I was having a girly/sexy moment and decided to throw this on with my new tattoo from Endless Pain and this purdy skin from 7 Deadly s{K}ins.  Cuz yeah… even I can sometimes wear pink quite happily!

******  What’s on me  ******

Catwa // Lona Head
Seven Deadly Skins // Angela // Marshmallow @ The Underdog Event til 5/16
AviGlam // Twinkle Eyes (group gift and comes in 3 colors… both mesh and appliers)
Endless Pain Tattoos  // Kala
{le fil casse} // Vivienne Ruffle Top and Skirt // RARE
(Yummy) // Winter Solstice Rings
e.marie // POINTED nails w/shine


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