By Sy, March 21, 2018

There are so many really awesome events going on in SL … literally all the time LOL!  I’m going broke! One of our brand new sponsors is in quite a few of them so I’ve featured a few of the things she has to offer right now.
I did a little video to show you the amazing huds you can get with the Andromeda Eyes, the Melty Lips and the Julia Eyeshadows.  They come in a bunch of different colors and are so pretty! (keeps my fingers crossed that this works O.O)

******  What’s on me ******

{ Speakeasy } // Gloomy Tattoo
Phoenix // Janet Hair // Black/Whites
Blueberry // Frappe Bodysuit // Black
VALE KOER] // The Alter Platforms // Black
TLB // Andromeda Eyes @ Ostara’s Altar til 3/30
TLB // Cyber Piercing @ Femboy Hunt til 3/31
TLB // Melty Lip @ Skin Fair til 3/25
TLB // Julia Eyeshadows @ Skin Fair til 3/25

What do you think?

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