Sittin’ on the dock of… my new houseboat!!

By Sy, June 23, 2018

Today’s episode is brought to you by the awesome designers behind The Little Bat, Epoch, PosEd Poses, Rivendale, Misschievous, Lumae and Paper Moon!

Cay and I haven’t been able to get it together for bit to do a video.  I haven’t been sleeping very well.  So what do I do when I’m bored, sleepy but can’t sleep, and easily distracted and tongue tied? Why, make a video!  That’s the thing to do!

We were added to the team of bloggers for the Midsummer Enchantment Event and I’ve been adding lots of pretties to my last couple of posts, but I wanted to do something different to show it off this time. It seemed like a video would be an awesome way at the time, but I was actually starting to get very sleepy by the 4th take (yes even with all its mess ups, that was actually a 4th try if you can believe it!) Even though some of my words are mixed up and even a tiny bit slurred… on with the show, right?

—->>>Now to all the promised links!!<<<—-


******  What’s on me  ******

{Shape} Misschevious // Summer Shape @ Midsummer Enchantment until 6/30

{Skin} !Lumae // Cinnamon // T1 // Neutral @ Midsummer Enchantment until 6/30

{Hair} Lovey Dovey :: // Alia @ the Access Event until 7/7

DAPPA // Reign Tattoo @ the Access Event until 7/7

{Glasses}  !TLB // Glam Glasses @ The Vintage Fair til 6/24 so if you want these ya gotta run over there quick!

{Top} .epoch. // Gifted Crop // Pattern Pack @ Suicide Dollz til 6/29

{Bottoms} .epoch. // Gifted Panties // Pattern Pack @ Suicide Dollz til 6/29

{Rings} [FORMANAILS] Accessories // OPALIS

******  Sponsored stuff around me  ******

 !TLB // Vintage Butterfly Art

 !TLB // Plain Rug // Grey (In the living room on the video)

 !TLB // Jersey Rug // Stripes (In the kitchen on the video)

!TLB – WL Rug // Toadstools (Beside my little tent/teepee) @ the Darkness Chamber Fair which ends today!!  So hurry to try for this very cute gacha rug!!

*Paper Moon* // Patchwork Moroccan Lamps // Blue @ Midsummer Enchantment until 6/30

Rivendale // Weathered Houseboat @ Midsummer Enchantment until 6/30

******  What’s that pose  ******

PosEd Poses // Feeling Lost is available at their mainstore or on marketplace.
Once again, I’ve done something very different than intended with this pose.  Two things…  I love thinking outside the box and I like to try to show that the poses are more versatile than you might realize if you are just looking at it as the designer pictured it.  Their way isn’t wrong of course, I mean that is what the pose is intended for, but there is nothing wrong with taking something and making it your own.  This pose is meant to be sitting up on your knees, but I chose to flip it around and see what else it might could be used for and ended up with this.

What do you think?

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