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By Sy, February 6, 2018

*disclaimer… if you don’t like what I’m about to say can we blame it on my pain meds? *

Yes I know this is not the Valentine outfits again, but well… I was bored and it was in the middle of the night and I had nothing else to do so…. PICTURE! lol

Ok, so recently we’ve been applying to some stores around SL looking for sponsors, not that we need them to be able to blog… we are shopaholics so we have plenty of items to choose from XD.  Plus I love a blog with a story.  I like reading what people say, not just what they are wearing.  I mean why did you put that top with those shoes? Were you in a silly mood?  Were you excited just to find something to wear your brand new heels with? What was the reason? Or did you put your outfit together because you were listening to some music and it made you think about something and that inspired your clothing choices? Seriously… what was it?  My outfit was inspired by Abby from NCIS.  I love these pig tails so frigging much!  I felt like I was channeling her hard 😀  That’s really it, but still its a reason and not just “this is what i’m wearing”.  Those blogs are great and some are so stinkin’ creative, but gimme content!

….. So um… I started rambling and I don’t think I’m gonna get better for a bit… yikes!  I recently got a rejection letter and their reasoning was they were only looking for serious bloggers and I needed to have more than 99+ likes on my Flickr pics.  They didn’t mention this anywhere that I saw, but that’s fine.  Stores need to have rules or they would have to accept everyone and that is kinda impossible.  However, I think its a bit unfair to assume I’m not serious just because I’m new.  Someone once upon a time had to take a chance on all the different designers, bloggers, creators, etc.  If you don’t want to take a chance on me, that’s cool.  I’m not gonna lose my mind over it, but please don’t assume that I’m not serious about it.  I enjoy blogging.  Yeah I don’t have a huge ass audience and maybe I never will, but this is as much for me as it is for anyone that reads me.  I do this because I love fashion, I love to be creative and I like to say whats on my mind.  So even if my audience doesn’t grow to thousands, if I never find a single sponsor, or I don’t have a million likes on Flickr, I’m still going to keep working on it, because its something I’ve grown to love.  So I’m pretty dern serious.

Anyway I’m not trying to bash or be ugly to anyone.  Just was inspired by Abby and it sort of kind of relates to my rambling.  Folks often look at someone and decide things about them long before they talk to them.  Abby dresses all in black with skulls and big platform shoes and dark make up and listens to some pretty heavy music.  If you follow the stereotypes some might think there is something “wrong” with her, however if you follow the character you can’t help but fall in love with her.  She is so friggin’ sweet, lovable and happy.  Just be careful when you are judging folks.  If you don’t like my body of work, or need me to be a bit more well known that’s fine.  Totally understand.  Just don’t tell me I’m not serious.

***** BODY *****
Catwa Lona
Maitreya Lara
Truth Lilo
Speakeasy – Gloomy Tattoo

***** CLOTHING/SHOES *****
Canimal – Darling Black
C’lest La Vie – Emmi Tights #1
Dirty Princess – The Coolest Princess Boots

***** ACCESSORIES *****
Yummy – Nightmare Rings Set
Earthstones – Perfect Fit Set – Silver
Nova – Blair Necklace @ Blush Event


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