Stretches & Yawns

By Sy, January 31, 2019

I realize that this setting is supposed to be scary, but for some reason when I
got there my crazy sense of humor took over. It also helped that while I’m
standing around trying to decide what to do, my avatar started yawning.
I’ve not been getting a ton of sleep lately, as I can’t seem to stay asleep once
I get there, so it seemed appropriate to use that as my inspiration!

{Skin} Reshape // Cindy Skin

{Eyes} Adoness // Lucus Eyes // Sunny @ Gothic Garage Sale
(Soooo pretty and comes in a TON of different colors)

{Tattoo} Letis // Ganesha

{Hair} Adoness // Fulla // Greyscale @ Gothic Garage Sale

{Outfit} Eyelure // Tied Top & Micro Skirt // Solids

{Necklace} The Little Bat // Arrowhead

What do you think?

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