By Sy, July 29, 2018

There’s a difference between knowing somebody and hearing about somebody.
Just because you ‘heard’, doesn’t mean you ‘know’.

Snap judgments often lead to regrets for those whose only exercise is jumping to conclusions.

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OK so there is a lot going on in these pictures, but I want to focus on two things.  First, it might be to late but hopefully you still can catch it out.  Misschievous participated in the Saturday Sale yesterday and had this really pretty tattoo in gold, silver and rose gold.  There is also a matching tattoo for your forehead for a fantasy look.
The next thing I wanted to talk about is my pose.  I once again used the Enjoying the Silence pose from PosEd.  If you love taking pictures, sometimes its difficult to find just the right pose for what you have in your head.  Pose designers like those from PosEd are awesome and have a growing variety of poses, yet still sometimes there is something not quite right about a pose you decide to use.  For this picture set, I wanted to do something silly and have my avatar lying on the floor.  If you look at any of the poses sitting on the bed you’ll realize that the pose normally has one foot tucked under the leg.  I purchased a device a while back called Anypose where you can control your avatar joints to move your arms and legs around to make a pose “fit.”  I chose to do this here, because frankly the rest of the pose was perfect for what I wanted.  I straightened out my leg and changed the pose of my hand using my Maitreya hud and there you go… girl lying on the floor in an awkward position XD!  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, sometimes you need to take a prop and see it as a tool to get the shot you want.  Its not set in stone that you have to use it the exact same way the creator did.  Take any pose you find, either (hopefully) through PosEd, or any other designer you love and look at it a new way.  Turn it upside down, on its side… what else can you do with it?  Be creative!

******  What’s on me  ******

{Hair} DOUX // Lara // Pastels&Ombres @ Mermaid’s Cove Event til 8/13!

{Tattoo} Misschevious // Glitter Arrow // Silver // Saturday Sale item for 7/28

{Top} Addams // Trinity Chain Top // #08

{Shorts} Blueberry – Milly – Leather Shorts – Black

{Shoes} N-core // KATE Diamonds // Black

******  Whats that pose  ******

PosEd // Enjoying the Silence @ Ultra event til 8/10


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