Sweet Dreams

By Sy, June 21, 2018

Gaze up at the stars knowing that I see the same sky and wish the same sweet dreams.
Elizabeth Barrett Browning

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Backdrop City

****** Stuff I wanna say  ******

Sometimes its hard when the ones that you love the most are so far away, but love doesn’t always come wrapped up in the packages you expect.  That doesn’t make it any less important or any less real.  That’s the misconception that some have with Second Life, that because most people will never be more than a voice on the end of a Skype call or a pixel cuddle, that some how that makes them unimportant… not real.

We often separate things into ‘real life’ or ‘second life’.  “This is my real life friend”, “I’m doing something real life right now”, “You know sometimes real life just takes over” , etc.  You see in people’s profiles messages about mixing or not mixing SL and RL.  In my opinion, there aren’t two lives.  Location doesn’t determine if something is real or not.  You either are doing something or you aren’t.  You wouldn’t be talking to your next door neighbor and suddenly realize you needed to run and do something and tell them, “Sorry, I have to run do something in real life.” you would just tell them you had to run and do something.

If you have friends, you have friends.  They aren’t RL friends or SL friends.  Some friends might live close enough that you can see them every day and some live to far away for that.  How does that make them any less real? Why do we separate it that way?

I think this way of thinking is what makes it easier for people to justify some of their actions… some of which aren’t so very nice.  Its easier to be something you are not, because these people aren’t real, right? It’s not like you are breaking their heart, because they aren’t real, right?

If you wouldn’t do something to another person in ‘real life’, why would it be ok to do it in ‘second life’?  It doesn’t matter if you met at a bar down the street from your house, met at the grocery store while buying dinner, met through a friend who set you up, met in school, met at work… or met in an online place… you met a real person, with real feelings who deserves to be treated as such.

I’ve not always been so lucky, but I finally have people in my life that have always treated me as a real person and not as a video game character.  I don’t care if we can never even meet in person, they are very real to me.  They aren’t a part of my ‘real life’ or ‘second life’, they are a part of my life.

What do you think?

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