Not easy being green

October 18, 2019

Magika – Hair – Prudence Ritual – Elspeth Skin – Fantasy Tones – Estha (Trick or treat Lane) BentBox – Sylvan Ears erratic / ness – top / SE black stripes Addams // Trisha Denim Ripped Short alaskametro<3 // Batty tights // Trick Or Treat Lane Gift Pure Poison – Alaina Sandals SPELL : Azkaban Prison […]

Ready for Halloween

October 9, 2019

Several of the items I’m wearing, the house I’m in and many of the decorations are items from the latest round of Trick or Treat Lane which is hosted by Dark Passions. A shopping guide can be found on their website.  Each store has some really great things to offer but also gifts.  The event will last until […]

My demons

October 7, 2019

Several of the items I’m wearing, the house I’m in and the chair I’m sitting in are items from the latest round of Trick or Treat Lane which is hosted by Dark Passions. A shopping guide can be found on their website.  Each store has some really great things to offer but also gifts.  The […]

The other side

September 23, 2019

Raindale – Emberbrook decor set LOVE – FAIRYTALE MIRROR – AURORA BLOSSOM LOVE – FANTASY DEER – FAIRY LIGHTERS LOVE – FLYING KEY – HOVER LOVE – FAIRY FERNS – 5a – ORB EMITTER Astara  – Triple Septum BentBox – Feathered Wings Kibitz – Wonders rings Magika – Hair – Rowan Moon Elixir – Primeval […]

Don’t miss the Mystical Market!

August 8, 2019

{Hair} .EscalateD. // Shay V1 @ Mystical Market until 8/31st {Ears} BentBox // Sylvan Ears {Sparkly thing around my head} Doe: Glitter Crown (Gacha item, marketplace find) {Necklace} SynCo // Crystal Pendants @ Mystical Market until 8/31st (Top and Bottom are seperate pieces and rigged for Maitreya) {Necklace} Cae // Piece of My Heart {Top} ::SO:: // Cute But […]

Brand New Day

September 22, 2018

******  What’s on me (I’m the one with wings) ****** {Hair} +Spellbound+ // Faerie Queen // Chapter I : Earth (I’ve had this hair a while and I’m pretty sure it was a gacha find, but I can’t find it anywhere, so I’d just check their mainstore) {WIngs} BentBox // Feathered Wings 1.2 {Tattoo} Endless Pain Tattoos // […]

Your Permission is All I Need

May 21, 2018

I’ve been a little – ok, a lot absent lately from the blog. Real life gets crazy sometimes I guess. More than half of my house has been packed or thrown out. Georgia is coming soon I hope. The limbo I am sitting in is so uncomfortable. Torturous almost. I am usually good with going […]

Missing You Dearly

May 1, 2018

I realize that I am posting this on a fashion blog. And I promise that I will post what I am wearing below. But, this is more therapeutic for me. I know you have all seen my writing about my anxiety and depression, which has all been very hard things to do. The second hardest […]

Fantasy Faire Family Time!

April 28, 2018

We came to the Fantasy Faire today and made a little video to support it and our amazing sponsors! Hope you all enjoy!! ******  What’s on all the girls  ****** Maitreya // Lara erratic // chelsea // blue floral Reign . // EMILY HEELS (Fifty Linden Friday Find!) ******  What’s on Ash  ****** Catwa // Tala […]

Coming Up Roses

April 18, 2018

When I was 17 I was in my first car accident. I was looking for a street sign, wasn’t paying attention to the car in front of me, failed to stop and rear ended the car. No, I’m not telling you this because I got into another car accident, but it reminded me of a […]


April 5, 2018

Fall is my favorite season, but Spring is a definite second.  I’ve got this little hanging basket that every year dies off and my mom threatens to throw it away yet every spring it comes back.  Just when you think its finally died off completely, spring will come and little green shoots burst back to […]

Gothic Easter

April 1, 2018

Happy Easter Everyone! Today we were pleasantly joined with our Creepy Sister, Ashy for our photo shoot and video. Yes, all the Winterwolfs are a little crazy and creepy. It’s just who we are as people. Anyway, I am going to make this short and sweet. We hope you all have a fantastic Easter with […]

Wild Minds Go Everywhere

March 31, 2018

One thing about living with anxiety and depression is the shear amount of thoughts that can run through the mind. Situations that aren’t even there, appear. It’s almost as if your mind says, what could go wrong? Oh! Let me start! The worst is when you have self doubt. This is something I’ve currently been […]

Cay’s Look of the Day #2

March 30, 2018

My energy and creativity have been running on low. Everything is just…fuzzy right now. No, it’s not from the bloody marys. It really is just the amount of stress I am under in RL. I work way to friggen much. 8-14 hours OT a week. I am totally freaking out about getting out of my […]

The Gallery Event Opens!

March 15, 2018

Yay!! The Gallery Event officially opens today and all the designers are ready and waiting for your arrival!  The event runs from the 15th to the 30th every month. Cay and I are super excited to see what all we can come up with to show off all of the designers and event planners efforts! […]