Ready for Halloween

October 9, 2019

Several of the items I’m wearing, the house I’m in and many of the decorations are items from the latest round of Trick or Treat Lane which is hosted by Dark Passions. A shopping guide can be found on their website.  Each store has some really great things to offer but also gifts.  The event will last until […]

A Million Dreams

August 17, 2019

‘Cause every night, I lie in bedThe brightest colors fill my headA million dreams are keeping me awakeI think of what the world could beA vision of the one I seeA million dreams is all it’s gonna takeOh, a million dreams for the world we’re gonna make {A Million Dreams – Pink} Magika – Hair […]


August 13, 2019

I did something kinda funky in this picture and didn’t even realize it untilI uploaded it here. If you notice, the unicorn looks like its completely out offocus. No, I wasn’t doing anything on purpose for a cool effect. Nope, it was just me putting two pictures together for the lighting effect and not realizing […]


April 8, 2019

**** What’s on me **** {Hair} Sintiklia // Kimberly {Tattoo} Misschevious // Flower Power{Dress} ISON // Ruffle katie dress **** Where am I ****Me and my little unicorn (that my Daddy has so cleverly created) took attrip to Backdrop City. So…. I’ve changed up my avatar again a bit. I just feel like I’m needing a new look, […]

Modern Elf

March 10, 2019

{Shape} Misschevious :: Cupcake Shape @ Skin Fair til 3/24 {Skin} Misschevious :: Teddy Skin @ Skin Fair til 3/24 {Top} Blueberry  :: Alma – Ruffled Top :: Black Dark {Shorts} Blueberry  :: Pia :: Denim Shorts {Footwear} Blueberry  :: Blueberry :: Pia :: Boots & Socks {Hair} Magika :: Nina

Red Sky at Night

January 12, 2019

…Sailor’s delight.I’m not sure if that is a common saying or not, but it seemed to fit this picture. Also it sort of fits the outlook of my life at the moment. I know its something I talk about a lot and I’m sure my friends and family have grown tired of listening to it, […]

Red nosed… me

December 17, 2018

******  What’s on me  ******{Mesh Head} CATWA // Catya {Body} Maitreya // Lara {Skin} Glam Affair // Vivi // 002 {Hair} Magika // December group gift(The hair is the fatpack except that you can’t change the color of the bow.If you want to change it from red, you’ll need to grab the actual hair.But who is gonna pass up an adorable fatpack?!) {Nails} The […]

Scare Me Silly

October 27, 2018

I couldn’t decide which I liked best so I went with all three! ******  What’s on me ****** {Skin} Glam Affair // Halloween Gift // Zombie Skin (Its only 30L to join this group!!!) {Eyes} Misschevious // This is Halloween Dead Eyes @ Ironwood Hills Hunt til 10/31 {Tattoo}  Misschevious // This is Halloween Face and Upper Tattoo @ Ironwood […]


October 24, 2018

{Hair} Sintiklia // Kimberly at Equal 10 (I love this hair, because you don’t have to battle a hairbase!) {Skin} Glam Affair // Halloween Gift // Zombie Skin (Its only 30L to join this group!!!) {Teeth} [Cerberusxing] // Bloody Strigoi’s Fangs (Group Gift) {Face scars, eyes, eye make-up, scissors} Misschevious // They Say I’m Crazy @ The Secret Affair til 11/5 (The […]

Shades of Gray

September 22, 2018

So I went looking for a quote to put here about shades of grey.  I wanted something thought provoking or insightful or inspiring.  What I found was nothing, but quotes from the book/movie, 50 Shades of Gray, that was really not what I was after.  However I did find one thing that I will share…. […]


September 14, 2018

I am very very very behind the times!!  So, I took a bit of a vacation to get myself acclimated to my new job and schedule and can’t even fathom how to catch up with all I’ve missed!  I made this video in hopes of doing just that then got a bit distracted between posting […]

Rise and sparkle

August 16, 2018

Be like a diamond Precious and rare Not like a stone That is found everywhere Rita Gatourey   ****** What’s on me  ****** {Skin} Misschevious // Queen Royal Skin (Ultra Rare) @ the Fantasy Gacha Carnival til 9/6 {Hair} Moon. Hair. // Haiku // Ombre {Eyebrows} Misschevious // 07 – Gold Glitter Brows // Royal Riches Gacha @ the Fantasy […]


July 29, 2018

There’s a difference between knowing somebody and hearing about somebody. Just because you ‘heard’, doesn’t mean you ‘know’. Snap judgments often lead to regrets for those whose only exercise is jumping to conclusions. ******  Featuring ****** OK so there is a lot going on in these pictures, but I want to focus on two things.  […]

Stay wild

July 21, 2018

When you know yourself you are empowered. When you accept yourself you are invincible. Tina Lifford ******  What’s on me  ****** {Shape} Misschevious // Lunar Shape (75L for the 7/21 Saturday sale!!) {Tattoo} Endless Pain Tattoos // Luna {Hair} lock&tuft – stranded (FLF item – 50L for a fatpack!) {Dress} –Pixicat– Joyful.Dress – Plaid (FLF item) {Boots} #EMPIRE  – […]


July 20, 2018

******  What’s on me  ****** {Freckles} Misschevious // Body Freckles {Skin} Misschevious // Delora Skin {Hair} Magika // Friday {Dress} {ViSion} // Penelope Dress // Beige ******  Stuff I wanna say  ****** Well I didn’t make it in time for the Saturday sale, but better late than never?  Probably not if you were looking for a good deal.  […]