The zombies are coming!

By Sy, June 14, 2018

Can’t really think of much to say.  Yeah, I know its strange, but I’ll come up with something for another post.  Until then, here are the important parts….

******  What’s on me  ******

#taketomiWEST // Sierra hair // [BONUS] (Holly Mill) – Prism See-Thru Glasses

7 Deadly s[K]ins – STORY // Dew @ Designer Showcase from 6/5 til 6/31

Endless Pain Tattoos– Collections @ Applique June Round that starts 6/15

// Ascend // Emma Top // Black

!TLB – Roxy Leggings+Stockings @ Garden of Shadows from 6/12 thru 6/30

*COCO* // Platform Boots // Black



******  What pose is that  ******

In the second picture and third picture, I used a pose from our sponsor PosEd Poses.  I’m at a really awesome RP sim called Outbreak and found this great broken down bench, but I just wasn’t pleased with the poses.  I was able to rez my own and get my shot.  I do have to say that the third picture cracked me up, because what else are you going to do during the zombie apocalypse but take a nap?

PosEd Poses // Thinking about you

What do you think?

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