These boots are made for… the beach???

By Sy, September 14, 2018

So I took this picture before my little “vacay” and then just never had the chance to post it….

I love looking for cute/cool freebies and these boots/sandals just struck me as interesting.  I passed them several times thinking they were just way to strange for me, but I’m a strange person so … meh.  I put them on and got to playing with the hud and decided I really like them.  Beside the fact that they were only 1L, which more than fits into my budget,  they are just kind of odd enough that they are cute?  Well, at least they are to me XD

*****  What’s on me  ******

{My human stuffs}

{Hair}  Doux // Juniper // Naturals

{Nails} The Little Bat // Delia Nails

{Top} .epoch. // Party Pullover and Bra

{Skirt}  Millenaire // Skirt With Belt // 1L fatpack!!

{Shoes}  Scandalize // Sandals // 1L fatpack!!


What do you think?

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