By Sy, April 5, 2018

Fall is my favorite season, but Spring is a definite second.  I’ve got this little hanging basket that every year dies off and my mom threatens to throw it away yet every spring it comes back.  Just when you think its finally died off completely, spring will come and little green shoots burst back to life and I’m glad once again that I didn’t decide to toss it.  Sometimes you just have to have some patience.  It also helps that I keep messing with it, keeping it watered and such.

Cay and I have been talking about doing a post together for a while and our timing has been so off lately.  So much has changed in the last year and most of it for good, though some of it didn’t seem so good at the time.  We’ve suffered through a lot of growing pains and haven’t always handled it super well, but I think after 3 or so years, we’ve finally learned that nothing can change our friendship.  Sometimes you just need some patience.

“Nothing that’s worthwhile is ever easy.  Remember that.” – N. Sparks

Watch our antics on YouTube.  For some reason it won’t let me post it the way I have before LOL!

******  What’s on Cay  *******

Catwa // Uma
DeeTaleZ // Heidi // European
BentBox // Sylvan Ears
Truth // Malena, Blonde (October 2017 Group Gift)
Erratic // Viola dress // Unicorn
Erratic // Miri – Jacket // 12.White
Empire // Impatiens
Cae // Mantra // Infinity Bracelet
Astralia // Matlide Bento Rings
Little Fish // Megan Septum // Catwa Uma

****** What’s on me  ******

Catwa // Lona
BentBox // Sylvan Ears
[BURLEY] // Glitch Hair //Raver
Tentacio // Dina glasses // Black (MP gacha find for 25L)
Erratic // Viola – dress // Unicorn
Unnie // Diva Nails (10L on MP)
MESANGE // Mathilda Eye Shadow
{ T’Ink } // HighJinx // Faded Tattoo version
Cae // Mantra // Strength Bracelet
Cae // Mantra // Peace Bracelet
Avicandy // Rain Cloud Hosiery // Blue/Pink w/Duck


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