Walking in MY winter wonderland!!!

By Sy, November 29, 2018

******  What’s on me  ******

{Hair} -FABIA- // Lilak (On MP for just 1L)

{Eye Appliers} Used Abused // Eyes Gray (On MP for just 1L)

{Tights} <Nar Mattaru> // Dark Stockings // #04 Halftone
(I’m slightly obsessed with the tights from this designer.  They are so well done!)

(Still on promo for 250L for Cyber Monday… don’t know how much longer they will leave it that
way so you might need to hurry!)

{Top/Dress thingy} Grixdale // Cozy Layers // Pink (Grab the demo at Uber and get a free surprise!)

{Necklace} [Commoner] Monogrammed Planchette Pendant / Y
(Found on MP… thought I was buying a W, but grabbed the wrong one so … yeah lol, but hey it was only 40L)

******  Where am I  ******

My house!!  We just decorated for Winter/Christmas! Last year I wasn’t around for the end of year holidays,
which is one of my favorite times of year (2nd only to Halloween!).  I missed it so much and just couldn’t even
wait to get to decorate this year!  We currently live on a quarter sim, so we can’t control the ground texture.
I searched forever through marketplace and asking around to find any way to cover the ground without just
rezzing a bunch of snow textured prims (yeah I did that too and it looked terrible lol).  I found nothing except
stuff that was way too high in prims.  We are very prim conscious at my house.
So as I was becoming more and more frustrated, doing my best to create the winter wonderland I desperately
wanted, my Lee says, “Hey, I wanna try something.”  I sat and watched him play in blender until he finally
came up with something that made us both so excited and happy.  He created land that perfectly fits our
parcel that we can texture however we like!!  Its great!  There are waterways and little islands for our gaming
areas (we so love our board games lol).  It turned out just perfect!  I threw out some Christmas decor and my
winter wonderland dreams came true!
It really helps to have a talented mesh designer in the family!!

What do you think?

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