Wearing my heart on my .. chest?

By Sy, April 23, 2018

I can’t say enough how much I love Fifty Linden Fridays and Saturday Sale.  Especially because my bank account loves it.  I’m always looking for a good sale, nice freebies, free groups with nice gifts because I love playing SL dress up.  Several times recently the subject of avatar look has come up in conversations, though its not a new conversation.  I think its one with a bit of controversy to it.  The more and more I listen to people talking on the subject the more and more it seems that a lot of assumptions are made about people on either side.  Its like how people, for years, have compared “nerds” to “jocks”.  Yes, there are some people that try to use their avatar look as some kind of status symbol.  That some how the fact that they spent a few RL dollars on a mesh body and nice skin and some cool clothes some how makes them better than the people that don’t.  Yes, there are the people that spend nothing on their avatars because they are only looking for “one thing” and couldn’t care less what you think or feel about much of anything, only whether or not you are interested in that “one thing”.
I can’t really speak for one side or the other, but I can speak for me.  SInce I was a child, I have loved playing dress up.  It started out, of course, putting on the little kid dress up clothes, which moved to this Barbie toy I had where you could “design” outfits for your paper Barbie, and over time lead to me playing video games where I was able to customize my character.  I’ve always been interested in art as well.  I have always loved to draw and take pictures.  I love to be creative.  So SL for me is just part of all of that.
Everyone comes to SL for something they can’t do RL.  Whether its just to be able to socialize with people all over the world, be able to fly planes/helicopters or sail across the SL seas, open your own Club… whatever it is, you came here for a reason.  For me, I came to make friends, but found that I truly enjoy the creative outlet.  I’m not going to lie, I love looking at what others do with their avatars too and I am drawn to people that seem to express themselves in the same way I do, but I personally think friendships can’t be based on how cool your avatar is but on how amazing you are as a person.

******  What’s on me  ******

DOUX // Marcia Hairstyle
Endless Pain Tattoos // Paige
{le fil casse} // Valerie Heart Top // Black (previous FLF item)
{le fil casse} // Minnie Skirt for Cutie Loot (Fatpack on sale for 250L)
Phedora // Vivian Platforms (previous FLF item)
The Little Bat // Ryu Necklace @ the Fantasy Faire til 4/29
(Yummy) // Winter Solstice Rings

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