What dreams may come…

By Sy, April 1, 2019

For a very long time, I felt like my life was pretty much just like a little toy
boat, set a drift in a vast ocean. It just goes where the tides take it, not
having any power of its own to direct it to a destination. It rides the waves
and pops back up after storms, and may even land occasionally in a really
nice location, but it’s just tossed about, without any direction or much
thought. I’ve enjoyed my life, for the most part, but I must admit that
I’ve had dreams I’ve given up on or simply let fade in the name of
taking care of my family or others, doing what was expected of me,
or just feeling like I had no chance in the world to achieve them,
so why bother?

Life has changed a lot in the past couple of years. I’m at a point now, that
I’m just really not satisfied anymore with that kind of haphazard journey.
So, here I am setting new goals, reaching for new dreams, and
taking charge of my little boat.
Will elaborate more later.

{Hair} Magika :: Nina

{Tattoo} – Endless Pain Tattoos – Clarissa

{Pose} PosEd Poses – Lost in my own mind

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