You want me to do what?

By Sy, November 22, 2018

Ok so… I’m a bit of a conservative when it comes to wardrobe choices.
I’ve been known to show off some skin but generally speaking, I prefer to have more
than just the vital bits covered.  I bring this up right now for
a reason.  Epoch, one of my amazing sponsors, sent out a blogger box and I happily jumped in with
both feet to see what new awesomeness there was inside.
The thing is, I never shirk away from my responsibilities to my sponsors, but today….
I just don’t know what to do with what is inside that box XD  I mean… it’s a well
made item, but it just really isn’t me.  So what do I do?
I normally just love everything they send over for review, but this….
It just isn’t something I would wear, though my Lee would probably not complain if I did 😀

If you would like to see what they have going on to see if it fits your
style, check out the outfit here that goes along with the popsicle I have in my picture!

******  What’s on me  ******

{Skin} Glam Affair // Vivi // 002

{Eyes} AviGlam // Twinkle Eyes

{Ears} ^^Swallow^^ // Pixie Ears 0.1

{Hair} Navy+Copper // Joy @ Tannenbaum 2018 til December 22nd

{Sweater} +ARTIFICIAL HALLUCINATION+ // Catnap Pullover @ Whimsical

{Leggings} Blueberry // Cake Leggings – Under Boots // Black

>>>>>(that I just got on sale since they are running their Black Friday Sale!)<<<<<

{Rings} : CULT : R.I.P Rings @ the Vanity Event til 11/25

{Popsicle} .epoch. // Cock Pops // #11 (a gacha item for this round of N21 til 12/12)
(click here to see all the other colors)

******  Where am I  ******

Baja Norte’s winter build


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